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It is one of the oldest games of spatial strategy in the world. This new 9 paws, 3D game, is the commonest version nowadays and also the most interesting. Beautifully designed in 3D for the best comfort of playing and learning with sound and graphic options that creates a pleasant gaming environment. You can play against the computer or on a LAN. You can rollback or save a game to reload it later for replay.

Publisher description

The Mill is one of the oldest spatial strategy games in the world since traces were found in Egypt 1400 years B.C. This new 9 paws 3D version, designed by TLK Games, is the commonest presentation of the game nowadays and the most interesting too due to its countless strategic options. Hazard plays no role in a victory, only the capacity of the player to display its paws. It is a two players game. The opponent can be the computer at various difficulty levels, or another player, local or on a LAN. You can create a game and invite another player or join yourself into an opened game on the network. You can rollback the ongoing game or save a game to reload it later for replay. This game is superbly designed in 3D, with precious textures for the best comfort of playing and learning. It offers many sound and graphic options to create a pleasant gaming atmosphere. Beginners will like the intuitive interface, with an online Help menu always accessible at a touch of the mouse, the capacity of setting the level of the adversary while playing against the computer. To play this game, you will need Windows 9x on a Pentium® at 400Mhz, or an equivalent, equipped with a 3D accelerated card compatible DirectX 8 or better and 8 Mo of video memory minimum. Easy install and uninstall procedure. This game will grow as the skills of the players do, since TLK Games guarantees, for the registered version of this game, a life long guarantee for updates.

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